Specialty Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis

  • Wide range of products to suit practically any feed water.
  • Elimination or minimization of acid dosing.
  • Products suitable for all membrane manufacturers.
  • Products suitable for R. O. plants producing Drinking Water.

General Purpose Antiscalants & Anti-foulants suitable for

  • Reject Water LSI < 2.6.
  • Reject Water Calcium Sulfate Saturation.
  • Reject Water Iron< 2 mg/l.
  • Reject Water Silica Saturation:<180 %.
  • Specific products can be made available for any or combination of following Reject Water characteristics:
  • LSI > 2.6.
  • Calcium Sulfate Saturation > 400 %.
  • Iron > 2 mg/l.
  • Silica Saturation > 180 %.
  • PO4>2 mg/l.
  • Heavy Metals>2 mg/l.

Bio fouling control

  • Bio-film cleaners for on-line dosing.
  • Biocides for on-line disinfection of membranes.

Membrane cleaners & disinfectants

  • Wide range of products suitable for removing practically any type of scaling/ fouling from membranes.
  • Ensure thorough cleaning at minimum dosage levels.
  • Specific cleaners available for removal of Sulfate scales, Metal oxide deposits, Silica deposits, biological & organic deposits.
  • Specific non-oxidizing biocides effective for killing wide range of microorganism.